Hi There, I'm Colin Corr…

Colin Corr

I'm a Digital Marketer, Copywriter, EPC Institute certified Email Marketing Specialist, Funnel Hacker, Systems Administrator, Proud Father, and Lucky Husband.

That's a lot of fancy words I could make more concise by saying I'm an Entrepreneur.

As amazing as all of that sounds… No, I'm not really a cartoon character. 

I'm a tech junkie who's enjoying the current AI craze sweeping the Internet. My bio pic is a fun AI rendering from a selfie. And I like to have fun. I believe entrepreneurship should be profitable and chocked full of fun. Otherwise, it's like any other job, and then… What's the point?

I founded the Email Legion to help people like you achieve massive success through email marketing. And have a ton of fun while doing it.

Whether you have your own products and services, you're an affiliate, or have never made a dime online – Email marketing is at the core of your business plan and daily operations.

Learn how to build, grow, and nurture an Email list with the Email Legion.

We're just getting started!

So click or tap the “Show Me The Way” button to join me and kick-start your Email Marketing success. 


Colin Corr

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